Tableau Troubleshooting: Where is the subscribe menu In Tableau Server?

In this blog, I will explain how to enable the subscribe menu in the tableau server.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

If you deploy the tableau server by yourself, you might find a subscribe button mission on the menu of the views.

Subscribe helps the analyst to subscribed to particular views, which sends them mail whenever views got updated with new data or based on schedule set by analyst.

I find myself a little wasting time on why the subscribe is missing and why it's not enabled by default.

I explored Tableau Services Manager (TSM) and found a checkbox that the server admin has to enable in order to analysts subscribe to the views.

We have to enable the checkbox shown in the below image and then save pending changes and restart the server.

After a successful restart, now your analyst will be able to see the subscribe button.

I hope it helps! thanks for reading. see you next time.

Backend Engineer by profession. Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer. I share my tech experience on Youtube and Medium.

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